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    Tile lends an air of permanence and quality to a space. It is an exceptionally durable and low maintenance material that comes in a vast range of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Tile is an excellent choice for moisture-prone and heavy-traffic areas like kitchens, baths and mudrooms.  Advanced technology has resulted in ceramic and porcelain products to closely mimic the textures and specialized colorations of real stone for less money.

    Porcelain vs Ceramic

    Porcelain tile contains special minerals and clays and is fired at extremely high temperatures.  This process creates a harder surface, and is more dense and durable than most ceramic tile. Another desirable trait of porcelain tile is that the color extends through the body of the tile, making scratches and chips less noticeable.  Many porcelain products are available that do an amazing job of achieving the look of pricey natural stone materials like marble and travertine.

    Visual Tricks & Tile Size

    Larger tiles of 16 x 16, 18 x 18, and 24×24 have become increasingly popular. No longer just for large, expansive areas, large tiles in rooms of any size.  Using larger tiles results in fewer grout joints, and delivers a cleaner, more spacious look. Less grout lines also means less maintenance in cleaning grout lines. Larger tiles are also more cost efficient because fewer tiles are used.

    Also increasing in popularity and at the other size extreme, are small-scale mosaics.  An excellent choice for adding flair to backsplashes and baths, mosaics complement almost any space and make the area appear visually larger.

    Another trick for expanding space?  Laying tiles on the diagonal will manipulate perspective and build the impression of spaciousness of the room.


    Add some dazzle and dimension to your kitchen by adding a custom backsplash. The possibilities are endless. Whether you desire a backsplash that stylishly stands out, or one that beautifully blends in, we’ll design and install the perfect backsplash for you, at a surprisingly affordable price.

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