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Carpet is the easiest & most cost effective floor covering to replace & upgrade. It provides thermal insulation & noise absorption and is available in a wealth of colors, textures & patterns, making it adaptable to virtually any style and budget. To satisfy the environmentally conscious consumer, there are even “green” carpets available, made from recycled materials and recyclable after their removal. The type of fiber & construction, along with texture and style play a role in determining a carpet’s durability and suitability. A wise carpet choice will not only look beautiful, but perform.

Qualities to consider in selecting a carpet:

Types of fiber – choose from synthetic fibers including nylon, olefin/polypropylene, polyester or natural fibers such as wool, sisal, jute and sea grass . Each fiber has its own inherent qualities and characteristics.

Density – measures how tightly the yarn is stitched to the backing. Higher density carpets will perform better. An easy way to check density is to fold back the carpet sample, better carpeting will show less of the backing.

Face weight – is the actual amount of fiber per square yard, measured in ounces. Lower face weights will not perform as well as higher face weights.

Twist – gives fiber strands the strength to stand up to foot traffic & cleaning. High traffic areas will benefit from carpets with a tighter twist and will show less wearing over time.

Stain resistance – fibers are treated to repel dirt and spills, reducing their ability to penetrate into the fibers. Some fibers, such as wool and polyester, have inherent stain resistant qualities.

Texture & Style

Frieze – type of cut pile with twisted fibers that are crimped at the surface and delivers a more casual, informal look. Better at hiding footprints and dirt than other carpet styles, making it a great choice for higher traffic areas. Look for a tighter twist for better the resiliency. (Shag is a longer frieze.)

Textured cut pile – type of cut pile in which the twist of yarn alternates directions, creating a two-tone appearance. This type is better at hiding footprints and vacuum marks than a plush or Saxony.

Plush or Saxony – type of cut pile with an even surface, presenting a more elegant, formal look. It is more challenging to maintain, and tends to show dirt, stains, footprints and vacuum marks.

Cut & Loop – combination of cut pile and loops, typically in some type of pattern. Even between vacuuming this type of carpet usually looks good due to the high and low fibers hiding soil and footprints.

Level loop /Berber – uncut pile, loops of yarn. Drawbacks include seams appearing more visible as well as the potential of snagging by pet nails.


Quality padding is essential for a carpet’s optimal performance. Select a dense padding with a minimum 6lb density, and opt for a higher density for stairs and high traffic areas. Anti-microbial padding, which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, is an excellent choice for basements and areas prone to dampness & moisture.

Area Rugs

Choose from a wide portfolio of designs or create a custom area rug by selecting from a wide array of broadloom carpet styles to meet your design needs. Next, choose your own custom size & shape, then finish with a coordinating binding. The possibilities are endless and offer a surprisingly affordable alternative.

Stair Runners

Protect your stairs and provide a safer footing for pets and children. Add style and character to your stairs by choosing from a wide selection of decorative stair runners or create a custom runner from any broadloom carpet.

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